General Guidelines on Writing Reports and Dissertations

A good report is easy to acknowledge. It has an accurate and informative title, a clear and well structure layout, is easy to opens flat to publish both text and diagrams. Studying a properly written report is a delight. We are able to deliver are some guidelines

1. The reader is the most essential person
2. Keep the report as short as feasible.
3. Organize the document for the reader’s convenience
4. Provide complete and correct references
5. Write in a concise, fluent fashion/Style
6. Put diagrams in the right location for the reader with the right titles
7. Make the record look as correct because it truly is


You need to have a clear set of goals before starting to write a report. In formulating the goals you need to consider:
What is the planned content of the document:

• For whom is it being written; and
• Why is it being written.

Having accepted the goals of the report you could begin amassing information: you possibly have some already. You may start organizing the document earlier than you have collected all the information. This is valuable information for anyone who subsequently wishes to use the program but is not relevant to the reader who is interested in how the controller performs.

Shape of Chapters

Simply as the framework of the document is split into sections – chapters – so must every division be subdivided. Each chapter need to have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion or overview

The Non-stop casting process
• Introduction
• Assessment of procedure
• Metal stream and primary level etc


• References are essential and are used for a number of motives
• To well known the supply of fabric getting used.
• To inform the reader in which the confirmation of statements which you have made may be determined.
• To inform the reader in which a more full-size or extra particular dialogue of the subject

A amazing way of conveying this information is to ensure that the abstract contains the key words that will be recognized by a reader conversant with the discipline.

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